GENIUS Gaming Speakers

מק"ט sdcom SPEC-SW-G2.1
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GENIUS  Gaming Speakers 

4-Piece Gaming SpeakersSW-G2.1 1250

 Total output power 38 watts RMS
 Ultra-rigid MDF wooden cabinet subwoofer with rich and deep bass

 Curvaceous satellite speakers with hook design

 Adjustable Volume and Bass controls
 Microphone jack for online talking
 Headphone jack for private listening

4-Piece Gaming SpeakersGenius brings you amazing bass enjoyment for music and gaming enthusiasts with this new speaker system, SW-G2.1 1250.
Its subwoofer uses an advanced 5.25” drive unit in an ultra-rigid MDF board cabinet, so you can be encompassed by solid, deep and extended bass.
The curvaceous satellite speakers with magnetically-shielded 3” cones deliver full midrange and well-balanced detailed sound.
The individual control box makes it easier to adjust the volume and bass.
There is also microphone jack on the control box for chatting with on-line game partners.
SW-G2.1 1250 has a 3.5mm standard input for PC game and MP3/CD player users,
and a 2RCA jack for game consoles, DVD players and TV listeners.

It also has a headphone jack for private listening.
So don’t hesitate anymore, experience the 38-watt dynamic booming sound of the SW-G2.1 1250.

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