USB Virtual 5.1 Channel Sound Adapter

מק"ט sdcom SCUSB-3D
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Product Description

USB Virtual 5.1 Channel Sound Adapter is a highly flexible

audio interface. By using USB Hot-swap technology it can be

used either with Desktop or Notebook systems. Enclosed

with Xear 3D Sound simulation software, it turns your

stereo speaker or earphones in to 5.1 channel envelopment.

No drivers required just plug and play for instant audio

playback, also compatible on all major operation systems.

General Features:

USB v1.1 compliant

Compliant with USB audio device

USB bus powered 500mA operation

Single 12MHz crystal input

On-chip PLL and embedded USB transceiver

Isochronous transfer using adaptive synchronization with

internal PLL

48 KHz sampling rate for audio playback

Embedded high performance 16 bit audio DAC

Embedded power on reset block

Single 5V external power supply with internal power


Include Xear 3D Sound Simulation Software

Featured Specifications:

Product name: USB Virtual 5.1 Channel Sound Adapter

Interface: USB 1.1

Connector: 1 x USB A type & 1 x Audio Sound Jack

Data transfer rate: Up to 12 Mbps

Power Mode: Bus power

Retail Package Includes:

USB Sound Adapter